Tiger Paw Bread!

I had to share this! Maybe you’ve seen it before – but it was new for me :)Tiger Paw Bread … it is yummy by the way.

I’m sure you’ve heard of tiger paw¬†bread? It’s a white bread – with a lovely chewy crust.

Well – Morrisons (UK)¬†have started selling Tiger Paw Bread! It’s such a great idea :)

You get 4 rolls, and a bun – which make the shape of the paw. I can’t believe i’ve never seen anything like this before.

Tiger Paw Bread

Not a cupcake i know — but still worth sharing! :)



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  1. Ruby

    Hi there, I saw this bread myself and bought some for my kids they love it, and fought who should have the biggest piece – thats kids for you.

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