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Sushi Cupcakes

Sushi is something I never really fancied trying ever in my life!!.. even before I came a vegetarian 8 years ago, i take after my mum she always hated fish. I must admit though that I am impressed with the overall design of the different colours, shapes and patterns of the sushi I have seen in local supermarkets.

Today I have found a fantastic selection of sushi cupcakes ;-) no fish were harmed in the making of this blog!! There fun to make, look so real, and taste delicious.
NB. Please note if you are vegetarian that some jelly sweets do contain gelatine!!!. Make a swop for veggie friendly sweets.

Sushi CupcakesMaking Sushi cupcakes is all about getting the right textures colours and designs. Use these pictures by buzzfeed as your inspiration. Use coloured fondant to make shapes of different sushi like these pictured below.

I love the bright oranges ;-) The green has been piped on using coloured buttercream.

I love how the milikarno chop sticks in this picture have been used to make them totally ediable and yummy!!You could use jelly sweet by cutting them up and placing them on an iced cupcake to add to the overall effect of the sushi.

The white used for the rice in these pictures can be created using white sprinkles sold in many cake stores. Alternatively you could use a fine sprinkle of ground coconut if you prefer.



  1. Karl

    Wow! These look great!

    I have to try and make these :)

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