Sushi Cakes

Now anyone would think i had some form of sushi obsession doing two separate posts on Sushi Cakes in one week!!

However i just came across this blog by crumbs and dollies and just had to share it. It’s the process of actually making some sushi cakes!! My last sushi post from August 6th concentrated more on sushi style cupcakes where these are more like real sushi shaped cakes packed in a real life looking sushi box… cute.

Ok so here they are;

Looking at Sushi Cakes!

Sushi Cakes

Arent they just fab?? I love the quanity of these they had to make!!!!

“So we spent last Friday mostly making sushi out of cake. Sushi cakes (1086 pieces of to be exact) all neatly packaged in 181 real sushi trays complete with chopsticks, a swirl of buttercream wasabi and custom outer boxes. Everyone was a little nervous given the amount of custom work and cake quantities involved, but we got there in the end and the boxes looked great!”. Crumbs and Dollies.

Here are some more pictures of how they made the sushi cakes ;-) I love the little cut out fondant fish in the background!! Clearley they have numbered each design so they get the correct quanities for each box, an idea i perhaps should of tried out when making 400 cupcakes for a event ;-).

The cake has been cooked, cooled and cut in to shapes ready for the next process…Decorating.

I love these pictures on the decoration process, all the equipment and cakes are set out in rows so that they can be quickly be completed before moving on to the next.

The Buttercream is piped on to the sponge ready to apply the oranges sweets before being wrapped in black fondant strips.

Here they are placed in a cardboard box with a set of chopsticks ;-)



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