Giant Cupcake Maker

Check out this Giant Cupcake Maker Everybody loves cupcakes. In my eyes the bigger the better. Cupcakes are primarily made for kids, reason why it is relatively small. For a small child, one cupcake is enough to fill her tummy. An adult however, will find a cupcake too small to satisfy the cravings of his sweet tooth. For them, a bigger cupcake is definitely in order. And that’s what the giant cupcake maker is here for.
If you want to make king-size cupcakes, you don’t have to get anything else than the big top cupcake maker, which is also known as the giant cupcake maker. This one can make a cupcake big enough to feed a giant. Well, the cupcake you’ll produce out of this one is guaranteed to be big enough for a big man’s appetite.
Just bake the cupcake like you should. Then pour the batter you mixed into the huge cupcake maker and then bake as usual. The giant cupcake maker will contain what you would normally put in a 12-hole, standard-sized muffin pan. So in essence, you’ll make one giant cupcake instead of 12 small pieces. If you want to bake more, just mix another batch of the batter and pour it in. The more giant cupcake makers you own, the more huge cupcakes you can make.
But that won’t be all. Giant cupcake makers can make your cupcakes extra special too. Its upper part is an especially designed tube with a twirl and a frill to make sure that your giant cupcake will look enticing. To use the cupcake maker, simply fill the container with batter to its rim. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes or more. After the cupcake is baked, add frosting around the upper half of the cupcake. That’s how you make great tasting cupcakes that are especially sized for adults with a big appetite for these baked goodies.  
Thanks to YouTube for the picture!

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