English Summer Strawberry Cupcakes

English Summer Strawberry Cupcakes

When I think of summer in England I think of fresh strawberries and cream, cream teas, lemonade and picnics in the park (if the weather allows), so the idea of English Summer Strawberry Cupcakes just sounded perfect to me!

If you love strawberries then you’ll love today’s post about English Summer Strawberry Cupcakes.

English Summer Strawberry Cupcakes – Remember the good old days

Yesterday I was in my little car “Percy” when I went past a sign “PYOS” (Pick Your Own Strawberries)!!

It reminded me of my childhood when me and my brother use to have a race who could pick the biggest strawberry…. of course being a lot older than me (6 years older and a sore looser) we would keep looking until he won!

This time my brother was not with me but I still had an amazing time picking these great fresh summer fruits!!!

So the tradition is to eat a few on the way round (shh hehehe) so when you pay for what you have picked your already sick of them!!

Returning home I was unsure what to make with so many strawberries! I had gone a bit OTT.

I used a few to mix with some freshly squeezed apple juice to make a refreshing drink, The rest I used to make these beautiful English Summer Strawberry Cupcakes cupcakes from the website shown below!

The comments all seemed pleased with how quick and simple the recipe was to try so off I went to the local shop to pick up the ingredients. Cupcake lovers…..No matter what the weather, pop in to the kitchen put on your apron and whisk up some sweet summer strawberry cupcakes.

Now i’ve made these cupcakes – i can also say how well they turned out – and how nice they were! Yum :)

Check the great recipe at: gastronomyblog


  1. Veronica

    What a lovely looking cupcake, Ideal for summer garden party’s amd fayres, lets hope we are lucky enough to get a bit of a summer this year to have an English Summer Strawberry cupcake. But im sure even if we dont they would look lovely on any table.

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    Keep up the good writing.

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