Dinosaur Cupcakes

Wow take a look at these fab Dinosaur Cupcakes!! A great idea for children’s parties or dinosaur fanatics ;-)

These fantastic dinosaur cupcakes made by fantasy cupcakes are brightly coloured and look great with the egg and bone accessories. Why not choose your childs/friends favorite dinosaur species or colour. Depending on who the cupcakes for you could personalise the batch using their name or age.

This batch of fun baby dinosaurs is ideal for young childrens birthdays, their fun, colourfull and are wearing party hats!! Picture from here.

Dinosaur Cupcakes

Why not make your own dinosaur designs using coloured fondant?








 Dinosaur Cupcakes – Perfect for Boys!

This dinosaur design inspired a mum to do a Jurassic Park inspired party with a range of fab cupcake ideas.

” I would like to create a prehistoric theme for my little boy’s birthday party which is due in two months. He is turning 5! This little creation of a dinosaur cupcake makes a perfect inspiration. I can make a story out of the Jurassic Park! I’m going to bring the ancient relic to the modern times since my son really loves anything about dinosaurs. So, he should be ready for some teeth, horns and spikes! I will be creating a collection of varieties of dinosaurs not to mention the big head and little arms tyrannosaurus rex, triceratops, stegosauruses (as shown in this photo), pterodactyl and brontosauruses in water. I’m pretty sure my son and the rest of the boys will have an adventurous birthday party ever! ”

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  1. Sue

    Oh my, These are fantastic.! My son will love them! Thanx

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