Cool Cupcake Ideas

Check out this list of Cool Cupcake Ideas. Are you planning to bake some exciting cupcakes for kids in an upcoming major event? Indeed, cupcakes are fast replacing traditional cakes for birthday celebrations. And if you want to make your kid’s cupcakes extra special for his birthday, here are cool cupcake ideas that you can try:

Here are some Cool Cupcake Ideas:

1.Rainbow cupcakes

How about cupcakes that are made of different colors? Well, that’s going to be a lot of fun to eat for sure. To make that, simply divide your batter into four batches. For each batch, add food coloring that would turn the usual white batter into red, green, orange, and blue. Then using a spoon, scoop a portion of it and then place it carefully on the paper lined muffin tins. When the cupcake is cooked, it will certainly look like a rainbow.

2. Fruit cupcakes

You can make your little ones eat their fruit by putting it on top of their cupcake. Simply make a frosting and place it on top of the cupcake. Then let fruits in season sit on it. Perfect fruit choices are strawberries, raspberries, and grapes. You can also add sliced apples, kiwi, and mangoes. This is a perfect cupcake recipe for adults too.

3. Character cupcakes

If you’re the artistic type, you can always put the face of your pet’s most favorite cartoon character in his cupcake. Simply make frosting of different colors and recreate the look on your cupcake. You will need a full collection of pastry tips and a lot of creative ideas for this to work.

4. Candied cupcake

There’s nothing more special yet very simple to do than candy sprinkled cupcakes. But what makes it even cool is if you put your child’s name in every cupcake. You need several M&M’s for this. Put each letter of his name on an M&M and place them on top of the frosted cupcake.

Thanks to Couture Cupcakes by Dress My Cupcake™ for the picture!

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  1. jojo

    Cool cupcakes. I love making them too.
    I just got to work on my decoration now.
    It would be nice if you included the finished results of the cupcakes.


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