Bakewell Tart Cupcakes

Bakewell tart cupcakes have always been a favourite dessert of mine; I love how the sweet icing melts in your mouth, mmm yummy. I have always called bakewell tarts, cherry Bakewells as that’s what my mum used to say at the counter of our local butchers when I was a young child.

Bakewell Tart Cupcakes

Bakewell Tart Cupcakes

My real love of bakewell tart cupcakes started in 2008, when i was at a craft show. I saw a stall selling cupcakes and went over to have a look what was on offer, my eyes scanned left to right, vanilla, chocolate, all the usual then wait…. cherry bakewell.

It was that moment when first got a glimpse of my bakewell tart cupcake. It looked exactly the same as a regular bakewell, only better. The man on the store had added full almonds to the top of his cake in like a little flower shape, which also looked cute, and added more nutty texture. ;-)


I have not eaten one for ages, so I decided last weekend to search the web and look for a great recipe to try. It was then that I came across the picture featured in this post by cakes from Kim. I love her cute design so decided to give it a go… with great success,  as i did not manage to do my usual trick of spilling the icing all over the cake cases.


When making these cherry bakewell cupcakes i did things a little differentley, i scooped out the middle of the sponge and added a big scoop of jam. The recipe is easy to follow and takes about 20 minutes preparation. The jam that is traditionally used is raspberry but if you prefer strawberry can also work well too.

Happy Baking Guys X


The recipe for these cute little treats can be found here. 




  1. Fiona

    I love these cupcakes, they are simple in fact my dad doesnt like all the buttercream on cupcakes so I think I will make a batch of these for him, they look great.

  2. Kim

    Bakewell tarts are my favourite, I wonder if these are any less calories?

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