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Baby Shower Cupcakes for Girls

Baby Shower Cupcakes for Girls!! Check out some fun and cute designs!!

Baby Shower Cupcakes for Girls

Well I have to admit I have never been to a baby shower, although I have designed and sold many cupcakes/ cookies and cakes for them. I really love creating unique designs for these special parties as well as reading articles on what other people have done.

I was excited last night when I had my first ever invite to a baby shower, it’s in September so I’m doing this post early to share ideas and designs that I think are fab!!

I think the rubber duck cupcakes by Baby Shower are really cute, the different design is eye catching and will stand out at the party.

Baby Shower Cupcakes for Girls

Fab idea for a baby shower gift

Baby Shower Cupcakes for Girls

Baby Shower Cupcakes for Girls can be designed using the very popular Pink! These two beautiful designs are from creative cakes by Claire, she can be found on Facebook if you fancy looking through some of her many baby designs. She works from home too which i think is amazing and just shows that you can create professional looking designs whithout all the fancy factory equipment.

I love these


I love the little booties, very cute. If you are looking for designs to make at home for a baby shower then why not make your own.ediable cupcake toppers, made by impression moulds:

What i like about impression moulds is, once you have bought the intial mould you can use it again and again. I have a few moulds at home, you can use them fondant, chocolate, gum paste, Marzipan and much much more!!

These cute designs featured are by The Cake Decorating Company. The pram is £11.99 and the set of 15 various designs is £16.99

Alternativley you can buy these ready made toppers ideal to place on top of your fresh homemade cupcakes. They are just £3.99 and come in blue too ;-)

These are also from The Cake Decorating Company.


What I liked about these cupcakes found on the cupcake blog is the personalised named ribbons. If you havent chose a name yet you could just put “Baby Girl” or if its a gift for the shower i think its cute to do the surname eg) Baby Smith ;-)

I also like the idea of adding in a family pet such as a cat or dog, like featured in the picture.

More Baby Girls Designs for larger parties

What i really like about this cupcake tower, is the different colours, textures and designs. The ribbons really add to the finished overall design ;-)

What a great piece to go on the nibbles table at a baby shower party wow! You can buy a design like this from many cake stores, or why not make your own? Cupcake Stands can be bought or hired so you can keep the cost low and save money for your little princess ;-)

Each guest can have a cupcake each, i like the way they have usd both vanilla and chocolate cupcakes to tie in the brown from the teddy and writing.

I found this design on the cupcake blog,

 If you are having a big baby shower with a lot of guests why not have a cake, with the babies name in these cute baby blocks, this design was from chocomoo a cake and sweet shop in Sheffield Uk.

“We supply personalised chocolates and sweets to hundreds of customers both in the UK and abroad, including schools, charities, businesses and even the odd celebrity!”





  1. Anne

    I love these, they are great, although i have never been to a baby shower.
    It must be one of these things from America! Like the proms the schools have nowadays, they say we are the 53rd state and i can beleive it the way things are going.

    Nice cakes though x

  2. Marie

    What beautiful cakes,

  3. great insight. Really enjoyed reading this blog.

    Keep up the good work and to everyone keep on learning!

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