Baby Shower Cupcakes for Boys

Check out these Baby Shower Cupcakes for Boys!!

Baby Shower Cupcakes for Boys

It’s a Boy!!

If your wanting some cool ideas on baby shower cupcakes for boys look no further, I have found some amazing pictures and information on some of the best designs out there!. Here is a cute blue baby boy design that I think looks absolutely amazing, it’s by coolest birthday cakes.

Aren’t they just ace, well why not make them yourself? It’s actually quite simple. Start by making the required amount of cupcakes, frosting them with buttercream. To make the blankets use a circular cookie cutter to cut out blankets. Use a textured rolling pin, or embosser to add texture to the quilt.

This will make it look much more detailed and realistic. Cake craft world does some nice patterns if you’re finding it difficult to source one you like. Fold back a small section of the circle to create a small moon shape. To make the head use a flesh coloured fondant to roll a head. You can then use edible ink pens to draw on the babies faces.

I love these tractor baby shower cupcakes, there by Cake Central Why not match the baby shower cupcakes with  the theme you have used on the invites, or the decorations, use the tractor theme with different shades of blue and green ;-)

Baby Shower Cupcakes for Boys







This designs uses different baby boy accessories to top off each cupcake. I love the nappy pins and the baby foot prints, why not personalise the cupcakes by writing the babies name on the foot print with ediable ink pens. The designs are by The Midnight Cake Shop,



I like the simple but classic paler colours of these cupcakes, the toppers really stand out. These were made and designed by cupcake plans.



What i most like about this tower of baby shower cupcakes by Sweet Bite Cakes is the little teddy bear with his blue bow tie. The little booties are also very sweet!.

Cupcake stands can be either hired by the company where you but the cakes or bought sepratley.