50 Shades of Grey Cupcakes

A few weeks ago – I saw these cool book cupcakes – and KNEW they would be great for a book club that was being held at my house this week… IDEA!! 50 Shades of Grey Cupcakes!!!

The book everyone is talking about at the moment is 50 Shades of Grey – or the whole “Grey” trilogy to be precise. I knew these cupcakes would be a success!

Hit the link to see more about these 50 Shades of Grey cupcakes :-)

I’m lucky enough to own an edible ink printer (I’ll do a review/details on this soon!) – so all I really had to do is make some little books using black fondant for the covers, and white for the pages – and stick the rice paper pictures on the top.

My homemade 50 Shades of Grey Cupcakes!

They looked great – on top of some pure white frosting, in some “sensual” black cupcake cases. The recipe for the cakes was just the usual chocolate-chip one I use.

I made 12 cupcakes – and everyone loved them :-)

I think I’ve started a bit of a competition going — who can make the most original book club cupcakes – if anyone does make any – I’ll post the pictures.

50 Shades of Grey Cupcakes



  1. Gorgeous cupcakes! I love stilettos and cupcakes and you have some beautiful creations of 2 of my favourite things here on your blog – well done! I found you on Pinterest and repinned your “50 Shades of Grey” cupcakes! Keep up the good work, the cupcakes look stunning and I bet they are delicious too!!

  2. Lynsay McCathie

    Ive been looking for edible book covers in the 50 shades for a birthday party, would you accept money for some of them, cant find them anywhere!!!

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