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3 things you should Love About Cake

Abbie Keep CalmAs you can see in this picture I love cake!! and why shouldn’t I its a great tasting treat that is amazingly fun and easy to make. Let me share with you 3 things I love about cake!! Cake is so good people are now even making it in to fun desserts , cake pops, cupcakes, cake truffles!!

So Here it is:

3 things you should Love About Cake: Read more…


Amazing Baby Reveal Cupcakes

  • chipsChocolate Chips
  • deliciousSoft Moist sponge with choc chips
  • choclate chipsdreamy chco chip cupcakes
  • chipschips,chips,chips
  • cccchocolate heaven

Delicious Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

I thought I would go back to basics this week and share a recipe that everyone loves….Delicious Chocolate Chip Cupcakes of course!! I’ve gone with a simple yet spongy and Chocolaty single choc chip cupcake ;-)

Now there is really no excuse not to make time for this recipe this week ;-) its so simple yet always goes down a treat with friends and family. Isn’t it nice to be able to offer people cake with their drinks when you have visitors ;-)

I think people expect cupcakes on arrival at my house now so I have always got something in for people to enjoy. Read more…

  • fondant figureCake Topper
  • my cakeBoys Baby Shower Cake
  • white cakeReady to decorate

Boys Baby Shower Cake Idea 2014

So This week I have made this boys baby shower cake…. it was pretty last minute, but I enjoyed designing and baking it very much. Sometimes last minute cake ideas are the best. I enjoy last minute cakes as you do not have time to second guess yourself you just have to see the design through. Read more…


Shop Local in 2014

Have a happy new year! I can't quite believe that we're here in 2014

Happy New Year


Pretty Dog Cupcake Collar

Cranberry Ripple Cheese Cupcakes

Cranberry Ripple Cheese Cupcakes

Its Time To Make Your Christmas Cakes!

Its Time To Make Your Christmas Cakes!


Happy Halloween Everyone!

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